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Our Philosophy


Judaism is not a subject to simply be learned in a classroom.  It's a vibrant, exciting and meaningful way of life.

We provide social and 'edutaining' programs to make Judaism real for kids.



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Hebrew School &
After- School


NageelaLV offers a traditional Sunday school and several fun and educational after- school activities.

Summer Camp


Camp Nageela West offers 3 fun- filled weeks away from the heat and chaos of the city.

Sports, crafts, water- sports and high- energy staff combine against the West Coast's stunning backdrop for a unforgettable experience.

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Starting this Monday, Aug 27


& Green Valley

NageeLatte is an informal, relaxed social event, where kids get delicious drinks, play a game or two and join in a short discussion on a Jewish topic.


Takes place each Monday at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Charleston, near Costco at 6:45pm for 4-8 graders.


At the District at Green Valley Ranch (Henderson), Thursday at 7:30pm

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